American Idol

April 7, 2023

Now, Nutsa is explaining what happened and why she was absent during the rehearsal process. She is also expressing sympathy for her duet partner.



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American Idol’s Nutsa Buzaladze Explains Her Absence from Rehearsal Time During Duet Round of Hollywood Week, Expresses Sympathy for Partner

American Idol is currently in the middle of Hollywood Week and there was some drama during the duet round, which aired during the episode on Monday night (April 3). Contestant Nutsa Buzaladze, who is from Dubai, was partnered with Carina DeAngelo. Carina got upset during the rehearsal process as she and Nutsa were clearly not fully prepared for their performance, but Nutsa decided to go to bed. In order to attend a vocal rehearsal with the coaches, Carina had to call Nutsa and get her to come down from her room.

“The biggest test of my life! This video brought me to tears, not the tears of joy though,” Nutsa wrote on Instagram along with a clip from the duet round.

“This is the first time in my life when I am not celebrating my win, instead I feel it’s right to explain myself. To begin with it is the rule of the contest to be present at each and every rehearsal on time – no participant has the right to skip it, not mentioning the fact that I am never lazy to perform, even if it means rehearsing many times – cause performing is my life, my biggest passion in life!” She continued, “Frankly, I was mentally destroyed after this performance, even though I tried really hard to stay strong, you probably all noticed how upset I was. I thought it passed already but the video brought back those memories and feelings of sadness… and it’s hard to cope with it, but because this is a contest – not a concert but a contest I try to stay strong, otherwise it will be hard to go further – that’s life…” “I want y’all to know that I took a 17-hour flight to get to LA, just 1.5 days before the shooting. As scheduled, every day our shooting started at 7 am and lasted till 3-4 am sometimes. After the official rehearsals I did not know that we had additional vocal rehearsals, probably I missed this information, my bad. However, once Carina called me, I prepared myself and came back, as soon as I could, to rehearse even more, I realized Carina was not feeling comfortable by that time and I did my best to rehearse as much as she wanted, I really wanted to make this experience unforgettable for both of us. After all, we both had to enjoy this performance and the fact that Carina was not content, really upset me a lot. Because she is a very talented girl, with strong vocals and I am sure she will achieve a lot in her career life and I wish her all the best ♥️,” Nutsa concluded. “As a final note, I sincerely hope that you will get to know me and my personality better. I love you all very much! And thanks a lot for the support ♥️.”


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ნინო · April 27, 2023

ნუცა ღმერთმა გაგაძლიეროს! სიკეთე და წარმატებები შენ!ვამაყობთ შენით,სამაგალითო ხარ! <3

Bruce Ezell · April 28, 2023

NUTSA u did amazing job singing I love all your performance I hope see you Top 10 On Americancidol. Wish you Best Of Luck.

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